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    5 Annoying Men Most Women Encounter Before Settling Down

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    Survival Tips To Withstand Traffic Madness

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    What Your Pet’s Name Says About You

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    Hottest Short Hairstyles


Hottest Short Hairstyles:   Thinking about cutting your hair or maybe just figuring out new
Beauty Tips That Won’t Fail: Applying eyeliner correctly remains something of a mystery for many of us
Sick of Your Makeup Routine? Try These New Looks: First dates can be extremely nerve-wrecking. You want to look your best,


5 Annoying Men Most Women Encounter Before Settling Down:   There are plenty of fish in the sea, but during your
Male Ejaculation: 8 Fun Facts on Why You Should Embrace It: Image: wamsoon.com Male ejaculation, otherwise known as semen, cum, jizz, spunk and
Cheating And The Other Woman: Cheating, let’s talk about it. We all know that being the other

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5 Annoying Men Most Women Encounter Before Settling Down   There are plenty of fish in the sea, but during your quest to find someone to settle down
Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo: 5 Things You May Not Know When we think about badass female artists, Frida Kahlo comes to mind. Today marks the 107th anniversary of Frida
5 Movies Every Woman Should Watch   Nine to Five This is definitely an oldie but certainly a goody. It is a story of three
4th of July Cupcakes Image: Flickr Original recipe can be found on: amysedarisrocks.com as well as flickr.com
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Single Girl's Guide

Five Places Every Single Girl Should Visit Being single has a ton of perks, my personal favorite being the fact that you have absolutely no one to answer to and your life is on your terms. Go where you want, see
You’re Single and NOT on Tinder? What’s Wrong with You? Photo via Flickr Alright, single ladies. Let’s get real for a second, shall we? You’re interested in dating. You don’t really know what you want, but you’re open to meeting new people and seeing
Love at First Sniff? Compatibility Test Image by: Getty Images Don’t you wish you could just tell if you were compatible with that next “Mr. Right” from the very start? Think of the time and effort you would save. No

Advice from Mars

That’s right, it’s time to get spicy. I’ve brought
Unlike babies, there are no handbooks for how to
  Do all men want sandwiches? Do all men