Five Things You can do with Lube that Don’t Involve Sex

things you can do with lube that don't involve sexWhen most of us hear the word lube, we probably think about sex. Well, lo and behold, as my extensive research indicates, lube isn’t just for getting busy.  It actually has a myriad of other surprising uses. In a sticky situation? Maybe lube is all you need.

1. Are you itchy and flakey? Well pull out that lube and douse yourself in it. Lube is perfect for moisturizing that dry skin. Cream or silicone lubes work best for the skin. The one downside is that, although your skin will be amazing, your friends will think you are a horny freak.

2.  Got crazy fizzy hair? Do you look like you have been electrocuted? Lube may be your solution. Lubricants such as silicone-based lubes are perfect as anti-flyaway hair products. Try it, you will be amazed, not to mention lubes are substantially cheaper than the expensive hair products. Next time, just for fun, pull out your lube in front of your hair stylist and say, “Vidal who?”

3. Lube is perfect for shining things like shoes, purses and the list goes on. Pretty much anything leather. Hmm, lube and leather….Deja vu, anyone? It’s perfect for polishing and leaving, ahem, items nice and shiny.

4. Sick of razor burn? Lube to the rescue! It will not only sooth razor burn, but will also make it easier to shave your legs. Your legs will be so silky smooth, your partner will be eager to reallocate the supply of lube for other purposes.

5. Trying to hide the fact that you are married? Just kidding. But maybe you are just sick of wearing the same ring, but can’t get it off. Grab the lube. It will help glide your rings on or off. Who knew? A new way to get off with lube. (Rimshot!)

There you have it. Five uses for lube that don’t involve sweat, condoms or feeling of regret in the morning. Your welcome, ladies.


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