My Period, My Frenemy

The love-hate relationship we have with our periods is one we face every month.

The day we are first introduced to our period, we experience a mixture of emotions, from joy to terror to feeling totally overwhelmed. Finally we have met the infamous Period that our mothers, older sisters, and friends have been talking about. And what a lady she is! Now we have caught up to our faster developing friends and shot ahead of the late-bloomers. And though we are unaware of what lies ahead, we have just been sentenced to about 30 years of physical and emotional torture. We have entered the beautiful journey into womanhood that would make even the burliest of men cringe. And now we too can experience the joy of wearing only dark colored pants one week every month. Though I’m sure every woman everywhere can identify the more…memorable aspects of her period, let me highlight a few of the worst elements that everyone can relate to.

Hormones: Our period doesn’t just introduce us to the milestone of womanhood. No, she comes with a bonus. A bonus we call hormones. Ah hormones. I don’t know about all of you, but the week before my period I am a raging bitch. Everything from the internet connection going out to the way my fiancé breathes irritates me. However, the week of my period I fluctuate from being depressed to manic. And the worst part is I feel as though I can’t control any of it. It is as if I’m on a rollercoaster getting slapped with emotion after emotion. Sorry friends and family, but even I am confused by my behavior.

Cravings: Food never sounds as good as when you’re on your period. For whatever reason, cravings rear their ugly heads directly before and during our monthly visitor. And it seems like we only crave fatty foods. Something about comfort food makes the body feel good and distracts the mind from the incessant emotional and physical turmoil (did someone say cheeseburger..?). I even know a girl who can tell big red’s in the house when she starts to crave only pizza. We all have favorite period food, and I say indulge! It’s the least you can do for yourself.              

Unexpected arrival: This might be one of the most annoying aspects of our relationship with our “lady days.” Regardless of how regular or prepared you are, sometimes Aunt Flo sneaks up on you. Whether you’re sitting in a business meeting, waiting for the bus, or sleeping peacefully in your bed, Flo will find you. I truly believe it’s all part of her sick and twisted humor. Nevertheless, we all have our period horror stories consisting of throwing away underwear, calling a friend to bring you fresh pants, or leaving a swimming pool with a trail of blood following. This lady knows how to make one hell of an entrance that is often at our expense!  

But when all is said and done, after the heating pads, tampons, and Midol have been bought and used in excess, there is still one thing left to say about this dear old friend: it make us women. It helps turn us into who we are today. Sure, some may argue that true womanhood comes with losing one’s virginity, but in most cases the presence of the period came first. The arrival of one’s periods signifies the womanly ability to create life, obviously something only the female gender can do. And in an age where we are probably still playing football with the boys and not yet wearing make-up, our period separates us from the young men in our classes and households and makes us special. As much as I complain about my period now (and probably will in the future) a little part of me feels happy when it arrives. My period allows me to say, “I am a woman. I have something that makes me special.” It also connects me to other woman. You know ladies, once you’ve shared a pad with another woman you are bonded for life.

So here’s to you period for turning girls into woman and innocence into craziness. And while I am sorry for all the mean things I’ve said about you over the years, I just want you to know…I meant every word of it but do believe periods celebrate women. Cheers! 

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Veronica Sikora

Veronica Sikora

Veronica is a California born girl who lived in New York City for six years. She recently made the transition to Southern California a year ago and has loved every day since. Veronica loves sports, specifically football and basketball. Yup, she is that girl screaming and yelling with the boys on game day. Her current project is planning a perfect Southern California wedding! She is newly engaged and enjoying the wedding planning process with her wonderful fiancé. To pay the bills Veronica works as a behavior therapist for children with special needs and also provides parent training. In addition, Veronica enjoys writing about a variety of subjects such as sex advice, communication skills, and parenting tips. All in all, she is just a mellow girl loving the many adventures life has to offer!
Veronica Sikora

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